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Aug 25, 2013 10:00pm EDT
john hockeyrainin where were you when sean kerly won olympic gold for great britain? i thought you didn't... at? know anything about hockey? never undestimate what i know, john. you see, the thing about sean kerly, apart om h, well, unbelievab skill, was that he could really look after himself. you know what i mean? no one ever messed with sean. mmm. i'll see you later, john. yeah. oh, john. have you seen kate this evening? no. no. night, john. night. (phone ringing) hello? hello? (phone line goes dead) (knocking) billy. i won't come in. i just wanted to say, 'cause it doesn't get said often enough, that you are a brilliant woman and you love me. don't you mean you love me? no. (laughing) you could have told me on the phone. well, i spend my life on the phone. sometimes i miss human contact. bit weird to hang up though. what? you call just now. why would i do that? i'm here. (sirens wailing) costello: why did you keep condoms in your bedroom drawer? laidlaw: that's obvious, isn't it? did you have sex with other men between your break-up with alan bradley and the alged fence? no. where's this go
Aug 23, 2013 10:00pm EDT
by jews? announcer: please welcome, critically acclaimed actor, sean hayes! sean hayes: wow, so many amazing people here tonight. thank you for having me ellen, thank you for you having me, but you didn't have a choice. lily tomlin, i'm such a big fan of lily tomlin, what an honor to share a stage with such an icon. just when you thought we ran out of groundbreaking gay women tonight, poof, here i am. i uh, i'm absolutely thrilled to be here for what promises to be an exciting evening filled with celebration, reflection, admiration, judgment, flirting, arguments, breakups and finally reconciliation. and that's just me standing at the men's room next to jimmy kimmel. i'm here tonight as a friend of ellen and as a fellow member of the "jeopardy" category, "gay sitcom stars." when they, when they asked me to be a part of honoring ellen this evening, i was thrilled to learn she was still alive and present to receive the mark twain prize. i'm sure one day very soon, genetic technology and computer modeling will be able to tell us exactly who mark twain would want to win his prize. until t
Aug 12, 2013 11:00pm EDT
, little bit. >> sean. this is my friend simone. >> what's up, simone? >> how you doing? >> i'm fine. >> hey, simone. >> hey. how was the game? >> oh. well, it was, uh... good for me but not so good for them. >> hey, man, my shot was off. >> of course it was off. that's because i blocked it way off up in the bleachers. >> is embarrassing me really necessary in front of the women? >> ain't no women here. i don't see nothing but two little girls. and that's what you get for calling me "old man." >> that was old-school. >> well, will, you know, they say the hearing is the first thing to go. >> [ laughing ] that's funny. go where? >> hey, man, about tonight, go ahead and ask him. >> no, you ask him. >> come on, we discussed this. you supposed to ask him, man. >> rock, paper, scissors. you lost. >> yeah, but you cheated all seven times. will, derek has something he wants to ask you. >> what's up, derek? >> hey, um, so, we were thinking of having a quiet little get-together over at the house tonight -- you know, kind of like a bible study, and, uh, we're a little short on chairs. >> you're
Aug 23, 2013 11:00pm EDT
and kristen and steve and lily and sean and jane; thank you for being apart of this pbs show. and i realize now with all the gay presenters and a lot of you tonight, this could have been on bravo; it easily could have been. different. it's kind of hard to stand on stage and follow all those very, very funny people, you know, to come up after they've spoken. to be honest when they called me and asked who i would like to speak before me i said, "ken burns." that's who i wanted. it would have been easier. thanks to everyone at pbs, i am so happy to be apart of your farewell season; this is wonderful. [audience laughter and applause]. and really, to whoever found all those clips, thank you for sharing them with everyone. what a wonderful trip down memory lane and a little detour down mullet street. that was um. i, of course, want to thank mark twain. is he here tonight? if you see him, thank him. i've never read mark twain, but to be fair he never saw my hbo special; so i guess that's. it's really incredible. when i heard i was going to be getting this award and traveling to our nations capital
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4